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Samsung Galaxy S5 – Review

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

I want to start out saying… “This is an AWESOME phone!”. I had multiple phones before: LG, HTC, etc., Never had Samsung though. I was shopping for bigger phones to use it like both phone as well as mini-tablet. I was waiting for S5 to come out after witnessing all the hype surrounding it. Samsung did not disappoint me!

If you read reviews about this phone, you will see the reviews across the spectrum. Some people say it’s not a big deal, some complain about camera quality is not too high (it’s 16MP folks, isn’t it enough?!). I am not going to repeat what you can already find in the internet. See CNET review, Techradar.

I find this phone very useful. It’s pretty easy to operate. Only drawback I saw so far was S-health app is total waste, it’s not working at all. That stupid thing keeps starting by itself. Other than that, not much to complain.

One good thing with this phone is that it’s loaded NFC (near field communication) which helps you to pay in CVS or Walgreens just by using your phone.

It’s not magical though! You need to add app called isis and add your bank card to it.┬áIf you play it right, you will save about $70 just by using this app!!

Let me explain. ISIS app has promotion running on now. If you add Wells Fargo credit card to this app before 4/30/14, you will get $20 statement credit. If you sign up for American Express Serve card you will get $50. That’s a total of $70, just like that. It’s free money baby! Once you install isis app in your Samsung S5, the app walks you thru these steps. The above links will also help you to understand.

When I bought the phone in AT&T store, the sales guy tried to sell me the accessories like screen protector for $30 and phone case for $35. What a rip off! I find these items in Amazon for $7 and $15 respectively. Now, there is an idea to save another $43.

If you are shopping for Galaxy S5, this blog post already saved you $113! Please share the post in facebook if this is useful to you.

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