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Idiotic Intuit

January 18th, 2015 by Michelle King

I have been using Quicken for so many years. Same goes with Turbo Tax. I had lot of respect for Intuit, until few minutes ago. These idiots from Intuit completely screwed up Turbo Tax. These people have shown their greed and complete disregard for consumers in their turbo tax product. I bought Turbo deluxe recently just like I have been doing for years. However, Turbo tax deluxe does not allow you to enter Schedule C or D (stock investments or small business data). Instead, it force you to buy upgrade. I used to manually enter the data directly in the forms. Intuit put a total stop to it. The company should have been clear in the way they priced the product. It threw super blow to people who are loyal to the company for years. Shame on you Intuit.

H&R block used this screw up and offer free download for the users who are screwed by Intuit. More details at Wall Street Journal. If you are screwed by Intuit, you have two options:

  1. Call Turbo Tax at 800-445-1875 and ask them to give you free upgrade.
  2. H&R Block is offering a free download of software to people who have already purchased TurboTax Deluxe. (Email SwitchToBlock@hrblock.com and include proof of purchase of the 2014 software.)

UPDATE: Turbo Tax is issuing $25 refunds if you had to upgrade from Turbo Tax Deluxe. More details can be found in CNBC page.

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